A Bit of History

Our Founder, Sheila McCann in 1996 traded in her trial attorney suit for a House of Bread apron in order to pursue a more positive career. Her goal was to develop a business that benefited both her and her community, scratch baked fresh bread like her beloved grandma used to make was impossible to find in the local grocery store. Sheila’s research found, to no great surprise, that Bread was one of the most purchased food items in the American pantry. That’s what set Sheila’s dream of recreating the Bread from her childhood into motion and the House of Bread was born; an inviting, naturally wholesome Bakery Café offering the freshest and tastiest products available.

Many Years Later

The House of Bread Bakery Café’s customers continue to enjoy and appreciate having a business in their community that offers real, honest, quality food for themselves and their families. A House of Bread Franchise is also a business that owners can feel good about; knowing their income is generated from products that are truly healthy for people is very satisfying. Please understand that owning a House of Bread Bakery Café takes work, but owning and operating your own business is special and for many is part of the American Dream. Working hard takes on a whole different feeling when you know it’s your business and the rewards from all your time and effort get to be enjoyed by you and your family. There’s also something very satisfying about building a business with a positive culture that offers employment opportunities to residents in your community.

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