House of Bread – Franchise Opportunities

If you’ve always wanted to be a part of the growing food industry, but don’t quite know where to get started, considering a franchising opportunity is an excellent option. The benefits of starting out with a franchise are many and practical – franchises allow you the freedom of working for yourself and the joy of getting to do what you love with the added bonus of learning as you go from an already time-tested and proven business model, in addition to many other benefits. Pursuing your own franchise opportunity can bring a lot of positive change to your life and help you start doing what you love.

Starting Your Own Franchise – Benefits

If you’re looking for inspiration for starting a business, franchise opportunities have much to offer someone who’s passionate and dedicated to devoting their time and skill to their interest. Investing in your own franchise, as long as you’re motivated and willing to follow the franchisor system to the letter, yields so many benefits, such as:

  • You’ll be working for yourself! Generally, a franchise means that the individual running the franchised business will pay a royalty fee to the franchisor and keep the rest of the profits. This allows the franchisee to set their own hours due to the amount of investment required and offers a lot of freedom.
  • Franchises offer more support and a better safety net than striking out and starting a business completely from scratch on your own. While the risks are still there, they’re decreased drastically when you sign on to be a part of an already in-place, tried-and-true business model.
  • Knowledge is power, and when it comes to running your own business, there’s no better way to get paid to learn by investing in a franchise. In a franchise system, you’ll automatically have access to exclusive training, smart business techniques, and much more valuable information than starting out on your own, increasing your chances of success.
  • Franchising also offers a strong network of people dedicated to upholding the integrity of the franchised brand. Being a part of a franchise requires adhering to set rules and guidelines, and this means that quality control is a top priority. Knowing that you’re working alongside a group of people invested in promoting the standard of the business and maintaining quality goods is essential to the nature of a successful company.

House of Bread

We’ve covered a few of the benefits of becoming a franchise owner, and doing so with House of Bread would be no exception. House of Bread is a family owned and operated bakery in San Luis Obispo that started when Sheila McCann realized that the typical bread made and sold in grocery stores today is of low quality and contains preservatives and other fake additives that don’t belong in food, much less something as simple and wholesome as a good loaf of bread. By using honey as a natural preservative in place of sugar, sourcing quality wheat flours from Montana, and rejecting the use of the common “vital wheat gluten” so prevalent in grocery store bread that affects health and a properly functioning digestive system, Sheila’s grandmother’s recipes offer bread the way it should be – simple, wholesome, good for you, and made entirely from scratch.

Franchising With House of Bread

If you’re passionate about upholding the integrity of a healthier, more sustainable food industry, franchising with the House of Bread is the perfect opportunity. With several successful franchises in place all across the United States, House of Bread offers the perfect solution to wanting to start your own business but not having the resources or support to strike out your own. House Of Bread’s franchise opportunity is a great way for you to be self-employed, learn business savvy, and give back to your community in a meaningful and healthful way. And here’s why:

House of Bread is first and foremost dedicated to quality and offering a superior product, and so everything is made from scratch, whether breads, cinnamon rolls, or cookies. It’s that simple. A superior product with no preservatives, fake additives, dyes, colors, or stuff that’s not good for your body is all HOB knows how to make, and it’s going to stay that way, which allows you to feel confident and take pride in investing your time and effort in a House of Bread franchise.

House of Bread is attentive to detail – knowing every aspect of your food product and exactly why what you’re offering is a much more beneficial alternative to the bigger food industry is key, and HOB is no exception. From using honey as the only preservative in our bread, to milling their own grains and making everything from scratch, HOB makes sure to use the highest quality ingredients possible every time.

When it comes to the recent shift back to more natural, healthier foods, consumers are looking for just that – something simple and wholesome that they can feel good about putting in their bodies. They want good wholesome food made locally by businesses they trust, and HOB offers just that in an upscale cafe setting with competitive pricing.

Transparency. HOB is all about providing the customers with a delicious scratch-made product, and our business set-up reflects the same. Our kitchens are open and the bread being made is in full view of the customer. That way, you know for sure that we really are creating our delicious breads from scratch with all-natural ingredients.   

Being in business not by yourself, but FOR yourself. An HOB franchise opportunity offers you the chance to be self-employed, yet still have access to a support network of resources, skilled personnel, and tried and true business models. With a small franchise community, there’s no chain of command to go through, and we’re here to offer support and guidance every step of the way.

Being a smaller family-owned business, House of Bread offers more personalized support, simpler lines of communication, and a hands-on approach from the franchisor to the franchisee than a typical “big chain” franchise. This allows a more honest and localized approach to the business and provides a network of support and people passionate and dedicated to their craft.

Owning and operating your own business – one that’s honest, employee-driven, and offers customers the best product made from the most natural and high quality ingredients possible – is something that should be available to everyone. Simply knowing that the income you’re generating comes from offering your community a wholesome, more healthful and natural product is extremely rewarding in and of itself; franchising with House of Bread makes this possible, and offers a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that are driven to building and strengthening a trustworthy brand.


If franchising with House Bread sounds perfect for you, there are plenty of ways to begin the process. In addition to learning more about current franchises/franchisees around the country, you can also download and fill out our Let’s Get Acquainted form. This offers a simple, private way for House of Bread to get to know more about you and whether or not a franchise would be a proper fit for you.

Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll be offered the opportunity to set up an informal Discovery Day to meet with the people behind the franchise opportunity, and tour the bakery. You’ll get to see the process of baking all-natural bread from scratch, as well as participate in shaping dough with the production staff, and learn more about our standard operating procedures, determining an optimal franchise location, and marketing to customers.

Not only is Discovery Day a great way for us to interview you, it’s also important that you interview us. You’ll have the chance to ask questions of the current franchisees and spending time on-site at the bakery will clarify your expectations and help determine if franchising with House of Bread is a good fit for you and meets your goals.

You can visit our House of Bread Franchise site for more information. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, you can contact House of Bread by calling 800-545-5146 or texting 805-801-4853.