The consumer demand for freshly baked bread has continued to increase over the last decade. And House of Bread Bakery Cafe is one of the future true micro bakeries that still exisit in the franchise space. All of the product that are sold at HOB are made in-house from scratch.

There are many franchise systems that offer par-baked products (80% of the bread-making process–is compelted at the factory or commmissary. Only the final bake off is done at the bakery) but there is nothing like freshly baked bread that a consumer can experience on many levels to lure customers to buy more products.

The standard answer that most other bakery franchises provide to why they no longer bake on location is that they can control the consistency of the product. And we de-bunk the idea that you can’t distinguish between a bread made from scratch on location versus one that is controlled at a factory and then baked off in a local oven.

But don’t take our word for it–experience it yourself. Once you have begun to learn more about our franchisee–we will send you out some bread FEDEX to try. There is nothing like it. You can’t be a pretender in the baking game. You either do or you don’t. We can’t wait to share more about how we do it!