Once we receive the Let’s Get Acquainted form, we will send you our Federal Disclosure Document, which contains earnings claims. Ultimately, how much money you make depends mostly upon your market potential and even more so upon you. We have additional sales sources that are options for franchisees who want to make more money. For example, we have wholesale, catering, gift baskets, farmer’s markets, and baking class systems that we train on for the more ambitious franchisees. Whatever your financial goals may be, we are here to fully support you in reaching that number.
Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned restaurateur, our support team will assist you throughout the entire process of getting your House of Bread Bakery Café open. We understand that the majority of new franchise owners do not have prior experience, and we provide a comprehensive training program that will ensure you are ready to make bread when the doors open.
While we require the franchisees to learn how to bake bread, we do not want them to be the head baker.
Our initial training program consists of approximately four weeks of classroom and on-site training at the company-owned training location in San Luis Obispo, California. We request that not only do you attend training, but that you bring your key staff with you. In addition, two of our team members will be at your site for up to 7 days (to be scheduled around your opening).

Our training program is intensive and includes: Recipes and Prep Procedures, Quality and Service Standards, Inventory Procedures, Equipment and Safety, Brand Compliance, Food Safety, Sanitation and Health Code Compliance, Point of Sale Training, Operational Controls, and Production Trouble Shooting. Our initial and ongoing support is critical to your successful start-up.

Yes. You will receive detailed supply and ingredient requirements; in addition, we will introduce you to all of our major suppliers. We will be an integral part of establishing and helping you place your opening inventory purchase.
Currently, we do have relationships with some third-party groups that may assist with financing. However, we would recommend that you have a minimum of $125,000 in liquid capital.
We do! We understand that you may want the flexibility to open multiple locations and have complete control of your territory. You are provided a protected territory as part of your franchise agreement. For multiple units, we discount the franchise fee by 50%.
The initial franchisee fee is $35,000. We have the right to institute a 2% marketing fee in the future and you will pay ongoing royalties of 6% of gross sales.
Your first location will generally open within 6-9 months of signing your agreement. If you location has already been identified, or the space was formerly a restaurant, the time op open can be reduced considerably.
Yes. The initial opening and the grand opening are separate events by 30-90 days. We come out for both and we assist on the marketing for both events.
We have an extensive social media policy that we have coupled with best practices. Some storeowners are better equipped than others to monitor and manage their social media presence. We will discuss this at length during training and you will be all set up before you open your bakery café’.
Yes. You will have the opportunity to build your own site if you choose, however, we manage a page for you on our site. We will assist with all your online registrations and ensure that your page is optimized for the best search results in your area.